The Only Gadgets and Masks you will need this Valentine’s !

I have rounded up my favourite products for month of February. Since this month is all about romance and love, here are my favourite masks and gadgets that will sort you out this Valetines, single or taken 😉


MUMUSO Bubble Tea

If there is one thing I love about Korean Beauty, it’s the adorable packaging that comes with many of the products. One of my favourite brands that leads in creating jaw-dropping cute products is MUMUSO. I picked this mask up in the store when it first opened. The Bubble Tea from MUMUSO is similar to the one from Etude House. It’s packaged in a super cute way, drink inspired container that looks just like bubble tea, equipped with a long white spatula and a twist off cap. There are a few flavours it comes in but for Valentines I decided to feature the Strawberry one. This particular sleeping mask is geared towards those with dehydrated skin (which is most of us, lets face it – no pun intended). I love it, because your skin truly does look like it’s been re-energised the next morning. It’s affordable, fun and gets the job done. Also a perfect gift for your mama, sister or girlfriend.

Bubble Tea Sleeping Mask from MUMUSO (sold in Festival City close to IKEA)


The Foreo Espada uses blue light acne therapy. It will never need replacement cartridges, it has a rechargeable battery, and one charge lasts up to 240 30-second uses. Light therapy refers to non-laser sources of light that help some degree in preventing papule and pustules, the everyday pimples that many people get. When light is shone on the skin, it penetrates through various skin layers and aids in killing some acne bacteria or reduce some of the inflammation or excess sebum (skin oil) production. I have been using the Foreo Espada on my face since it came on the market. I have noticed if I have a little pimple popping up, a couple of treatments with the Espada with normal cleaning of the skin it seems to stop the growth of the spot. It doesnt hurt to use the device, and I don’t see any side effects. Over time I have noticed  have fewer blackheads on my nose and chin and pores look smaller and tighter. I do love this product, I love the aesthetics of it and the fact that women can  have clear skin with just a few uses. It’s truly a wonderful product and I can’t wait for Foreo’s new inventions that are coming in 2018.

Foreo ESPADA (can be purchased on

PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System

Does it work? Yes, it does. Hands up if you are always searching for a lip plumper that ACTUALLY works. Normally, I’m all about learning to love what nature gave you, and I’m forever giving my friends (annoying) motivation speeches about how beautiful they are-and how they don’t need to change anything about themselves. Yep, I’m that person. I am also not ashamed to admit that I have been lusting after a fuller pout for a quite some time now. To be fair, it was probably kick-started by my favourite past time of browsing Instagram’s beauty hashtags at 2 am (when I probably should be sleeping). When they send me PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System, I couldn’t wait to try it (and expected to be disappointed like I was with previous gadgets). I am so glad I tried it! You start off by applying the Smart Lip Plumbing Serum onto your clean, dry lips. I am telling you now, this stuff STINGS but no pain, no gain. Right? Next up you turn the kiss machine on. It vibrates and does make some er, very suggestive noises (maybe don’t do this in your room while your parents are in the house, just to avoid any awkwardness 😉 ) Then, placing the mouth piece directly onto a small section of your lip press down gently, making the vacuum pulse ten times on each part. It’s painless and feels very gentle, but you will be able to feel it working. I must admit I was impressed with the final result. I was a little sceptical about how long the results will last for, I went out that night and my lips lasted an entire evening.

PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System (Bashacare, Lookfantastic, Amazon)

Frank Body 

This brand doesn’t do anything that doesnt look amazing or smell incredible. The body Balm is a rich oil-based consistency, spiked with coffee seed extract to hydrate extra dry skin. Smooth onto scars, stretch marks and dry patches. I use this all over, simply because it’s fabulous. The glow mask is amazing in the mornings when you wake up. All you need is 5 minutes in the mask and your skin is  glowing and looks refreshed (even after a few last night )  It’s natural and cruelty free beauty too. I love it!!!

Frank Body 

Shiseido-IBUKI, Sleeping Mask

I love Shiseido. Anything they do is absolute gold! I cannot get enough of their beauty products. I am obsessed with this sleeping mask. It laves skin radiant, refreshed and well rested. This is literally a full night’s sleep in the jar. It is an overnight love on gel mask with vitamin capsules that melt upon application, so effective, ingredients work over night. I want to write a whole essay about this mask but I think you will have to trust me on this and try it. This is on the pricy side of masks but it’s totally worth it. You only need a little bit so this is total value for money.

Shiseido Sleeping Mask

GLAMGLOW Gravity Mud Mask
First, this mask comes in a jar just like the other Glamglow masks and is a pearlescent white liquid gel-like mask consistency wise. It smells so yummy, like Pina Colada. Mmm!
This mask also comes with a little mini brush to apply it to the skin, but you can use your fingers if you so choose.
I prefer the brush though because I find that it applies easier altogether and is less messy in the long run.
As you start to apply this mask to your skin it will turn to a full on silver chrome a la Tin Man. I find this to be really cool actually.
You have to work fast and in smooth strokes to each area at a time. As it starts to dry, it will peel if you apply more wet product to that area, so you do have to apply it methodically so that areas you’ve already applied don’t become stripped of the mask.
Once completely applied you leave this mask on 15-20 minutes. I typically leave it on for 25, but that’s just me.
It doesn’t make your face feel suffocated or stiff. It’s a very comfortable mask to use and for the next 20 minutes you get to look like a space robot. The peeling process can be tricky and messy because it doesn’t come off in large strips or pieces. It flakes off, more or less.
I find that washing it off with lukewarm water is best, and it washes off easily, leaving no residue or small flakes behind.
After rinsing and patting my face dry my skin looks absolutely amazing. My skin looks firm and taught without feeling tight or dry. My skin looks like it’s glowing from within and feels so soft! My pores look tighter, fine lines are almost undetectable.
I love love this mask and use it religiously now. With use twice a week I’ve noticed a significant difference in my skin, without makeup on and when I apply makeup. My skin is smoother, firmer, and foundation has been applying like a dream.
I highly recommend this mask or at least getting a sample tube of this mask to try out (a deluxe sample tube will last you 3 uses!). Everyone is different and has different results when it comes to beauty products, and this mask is quite an investment ($69 at Sephora). It’s definitely a mask that I would check out if you’re in your 30’s and you notice that your skin isn’t quite as firm as it used to be, but if you’re younger you may not notice much of a difference and it may not be worth the $ just yet.
I am a complete convert with this mask and will use it twice weekly til the end of time. It’s honestly the only skincare product that I make time for and use consistently.
Highly highly recommend!


GLAM GLOW GRAVITY MUD, Firming Peel-off Mask

Siberica-Illuminating Skin Mask

This mask is super easy to apply and use. It’s moisturising and nourishing. I leave it for an hour on my skin. I use this a lot for the neck area because sometimes I find I neglect it. This mask smooths out wrinkles and makes skin more supple and refreshed. It’s a creamy consistency and smells like a healthy smoothie. Its affordable and lasts for some time.

Siberica Sakhalin Cloudberry-Illuminating Skin Mask


Happy Valentines!


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