Bohemian Rhapsody

She substituted, by a chance, For empty ‘you’ – the gentle ‘thou’; And all my happy dreams, at […]

Old but Forever New

This is my favourite part of Dubai. It’s real, it’s raw and filled with character . I love […]



Method to their Madness

When I first went blonde, I did a double take every single time I looked in the mirror […]

Ramadan Nights

As some of you have already seen I did a shoot recently with Amri Fashions and Amal Al […]


How proud I am to see this cover!!! Featured in the WKND magazine. A few weeks ago I […]

Laced with Shanzaih

I love Abayas and Kaftan. I love the unique modern combination of transparent lace fabric with modern silk […]

Designers Empire & Styleandmacaroni

For me, there is always something special about every shoot that I do.¬†Shooting with the talented Imran George […]